Well balanced body. Refreshed skin.

Powerful IR lamps for sauna builders, distributors and companies


Do you want to make the difference? The Xiomara RO IR heater has a stunning design.


Do you want practical and robust? The sturdy and functional Xiomara 5000 has a rock solid design.


Are you looking for an IR heater which is good and affordable? Then low-budget Ecira is your friend.


Are you looking for an IR heater which is flexible? The Xiomara IRX is a mobile frame which is adjustable in height.


Are you looking for the best full spectrum IR lamp for your sauna or heat cabin? Let us tell you two unique features of Xiomara infrared lamps.

The Xiomara infrared heaters can simply be connected to the normal outlets. No need for a converter.

An enclosed heat cabin or room is not necessary. The deep heating effect is the same in a closed heat cabin, bathroom or large, non-enclosed setting.

It does not need to be completely made of wood either. Glass, synthetic material, metal or stone? Do it yourself. 😉


The powerful Xiomara IR lamps emit full spectrum infrared short-wave, mid-wave and long-wave radiation.

Most IR lamps in saunas and heat cabins radiate only mid- and long-wave infrared.

Only a full spectrum infrared lamp will give you the feeling of basking in the soothing heat of the sun. You feel good and it shows!


Xiomara is suitable for everyone, even for those who like to relax in a sauna, but who

  • are mentally or physically incapable of tolerating the high temperatures of traditional saunas;
  • are sensitive to hot-cold differences or have to avoid these for medical reasons;
  • cannot visit conventional saunas or steam rooms because of the humidity (such as people in wheelchairs).

Xiomara is soothing for body and mind. Wellbeing for everyone.

  • De-stress

    Would you like to positively influence your health on a daily basis and in a relaxed way? Sit back and relax with Xiomara IR lamps.

  • Relaxation

    The pleasant and healthy warmth stimulates blood circulation in skin and muscles, reduces stress and pain in muscles, reduces stiffness in joints and stimulates the relaxation of the body.

  • Refreshed and well balanced

    A good blood circulation in your body improves the supply of nutrients, the proper transport of waste products and your health. Your cells function better, resulting in a refreshed skin and well balanced body.

  • Sparing the environment

    A lower power consumption means less impact on the environment. Xiomara is excellent for spa lovers who want to enjoy completely carefree.

  • Saving costs

    A full spectrum infrared sauna is more energy efficient than traditional saunas. There is no need to warm it up and your visit takes about 20 minutes. Less energy is used, costs are redused.

  • You-time

    A visit to an infrared sauna will cost you between 10 and 30 minutes a day. Isn’t it just lovely, that moment to yourself? With the Xiomara timers you can turn on the IR heaters and don’t have to think about anything else after that. Just relax and let the heat perform its magic. The lamps will switch off automatically.

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