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In top shape and healthy with Xiomara IR lamps


Every day we strive to do as much as we can ourselves, from designing and drawing to the assembly and testing of our products. Naturally we also make sure our products are tested by recognized bodies such as Seibersdorf Laboratories and TÜV. Results show that:

  • the Xiomara halogen lamp evenly emits a very powerful infrared radiation
  • the reflectors evenly reflect heat that is completely focused on the body
  • the arrangement we advise, optimally heats your body and not the surroundings

This means that your body is warmed equally everywhere and there is minimal heat loss.


It is not necessary to use Xiomara lamps in an enclosed room. They are very suitable for an arrangement in an open space. The deep heating effect is the same in a heat cabin, bathroom, office space or an open arrangement thanks to the short-wave infrared radiation.

Beside it is important to mention that it is possible to connect a sauna or heat cabin with Xiomara full spectrum infrared heaters to the normal mains supply. A hot-air bath cannot be connected to the usual outlets.


Relaxing while saving time and money is within reach with a Xiomara full spectrum infrared heater.

You turn on the Xiomara IR lamp and the infrared radiation immediately works its magic on your skin and in your body. You don’t have to wait for it to warm up and therefore you use up less energy than in a hot-air sauna or steam cabin.

Moreover, the energy consumption is limited, because a visit will last between 10 and 30 minutes. it is good for your health and your body. And kind to your wallet and the environment.





  • Therefore

    In a full spectrum infrared sauna or cabin thermal radiation is used which is primarily focused on the body. Your body deeply absorbs the heat and in response, you will start to transpire. Warming up the surroundings is secondary for a full spectrum infrared sauna. Only full spectrum infrared radiation emits the same intense and soothing warmth like that of the sun.

  • Unique

    You know what’s unique? The infrared heater is also suitable as an additional heat source in a traditional sauna. You can switch on the IR lamps and immediately enjoy the pleasant and beneficial heat rays while the sauna oven or furnace heats up. After approximately 20 minutes the infrared heaters automatically shut off.

    The sauna or heat cabin now has the right temperature and you can lay back and enjoy your hot air bath. Because your muscles already have a better blood circulation and are warmed up thanks to the infrared heat, the effect of the hot air sauna will be optimal.

  • Soothing

    The ambient temperature in a full spectrum infrared sauna or infrared sauna is around 60 degrees Celsius. The temperature depends on the size of the sauna, heat cabin, or (practice) room and on the number of infrared lamps. After a visit in this type of sauna it is best to cool down moderately. A lukewarm shower is better than a cold shower or plunging in a cold pool.

  • Sensitive

    Full spectrum is suitable for everyone, even for those who like to relax in a sauna, but who are mentally or physically incapable of tolerating the high temperatures of traditional saunas. But also for those who are sensitive to hot-cold differences or have to avoid these for medical reasons. Or for those who cannot visit conventional saunas or steam rooms because of the humidity (such as people in wheelchairs).

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