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Offer sauna users the opportunity to enjoy relaxation and the luxury of irresistible Xiomara RO heaters. You can find the RO series in stylish saunas, hotels and spas.

Will your heater be used intensively and for a professional spa? Then you should check out the timeless Xiomara 5000. It can definately take the heat. Tip: you can add this IR heater to your traditional sauna as an additional heat source.

If you are looking for high quality IR at the lowest prices Ecira is the best choice. She meets all safety requirements. Her halogen lamp evenly emits a very powerful infrared radiation. Her design is minimal and this is why her price is nice.

Are you looking for full spectrum IR lamps for heat therapy? Manoeuvrable IRX is favoured by physiotherapists and (sport) masseurs, but also by health centres, gyms, beauticians and weight loss centres.

  • IR heater

    Most sauna builders, distributors, owners and visitors speak of IR lamps when they actually mean Xiomara IR heaters. Strictly speaking an IR lamp is only the source of warmth and light inside an IR heater. The heater itself consists of a halogen lamp, a reflector, casing and possibly a grid or a backrest.

  • Halogen lamp

    We have developed the core of all Xiomara heaters, the Xiomara halogen lamp, ourselves. The glow wire can reach a temperature of approximately 2,600 degrees Celsius. This is the high amount of energy that is required to obtain not only IR-B and IR-C but also IR-A.

  • Quality

    We deliver the quality we promise. That is why we design all the IR heaters and their accessories ourselves. We assemble our products on site and we test our products thoroughly on a regular basis.

  • Quality+

    Naturally we also make sure our products are tested by recognized bodies such as Seibersdorf Laboratories and TÜV. Results show that your body is warmed equally everywhere and there is minimal heat loss. On request we will send you the research reports. Feel free to contact us.

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